Why To Trust www.licpolicychandigarh.com

LIC Policy or Policies can be taken by any Gentleman or Gentle lady by way of his or her understanding or by what is told to him or her by somebody.

Question is Why and How we at www.licpolicychandigarh.com understand what policy or policies of LIC will suit you / family members ?

Answer is that we here at www.licpolicychandigarh.com, not only have required Professional experience, qualifications but also since I am a son of retired Colonel, I have studied at many schools at All INDIA at many places wherever my father as an Army Officer was posted so i have seen lives of not only defense personnel , their families but also that of common people, people working in corporate, Govt jobs e.t.c.

When i suggest LIC Policy to anybody at Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali, i look to a person from many angles and i think first in my mind how i shall be able to help and serve him or her better than others with my sincere long term service and guidance.

Best Regards,
Brij Mohan Vashishtha

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